The following tables list the members exposed by the ConfigurationFirstDiamantDao<TEntity, TDataContext, TDataCommand, TDataReader> type.

Name Description
Public property Carbonite Gets the carbonite controller that hosts the current DAO and offers data store context to it. (inherited from BaseDao<TDataContext, TCarboniteController, TTransaction, TTransactionCreationParameters>).
Protected property ColumnNames Gets the column names to create SQL SELECT statements.
Protected property ColumnNamesAndExpressions Gets the column names and expressions to create SQL SELECT statements.
Protected property Entities Routes an entity read request to the underlying relational data store, so that all TEntity entities are obtained. (inherited from DiamantDao<TEntity, TDataContext, TDataCommand, TDataReader>).
Protected property InsertionColumnNames Gets the insertion column names to create SQL INSERT statements.
Protected property PrimaryKeyColumnsAndCommandParameterNames Gets the primary key columns and command parameter names to create SQL WHERE clauses.
Protected property TableMappings Gets the concrete table mappings to automatically configure create, read, update and delete SQL commands.