By using the NamingConvention defined in ConventionFirstDiamantDaoContext<ConventionFirstDiamantDaoContext(string, NamingConvention, NamingConvention) this method infers the table data schema in accordance with TEntity characteristics and creates the TableMappings required to synthesize create, read, update and delete SQL statements.

An affinity between data schema and TEntity structure is necessary for this class to correctly work, for example, if snake casing is used as naming convention, and the entity class is SomeEntity with string properties FirstProperty and SecondProperty, a table called some_entity with character based columns first_column and second_column must exists in the underlying data store.

Namespace: Keystone.Carbonite.Diamant
Assembly: Keystone.Carbonite.Diamant (in Keystone.Carbonite.Diamant.dll)

public TableMappings GetMappings()
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Return Value


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.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.6


Xamarin, Mono