Today's dynamic markets unveil new business opportunities even in the smallest everyday actions. KEYSTONE Managed Components are a technology platform that supports the software automation required to take those opportunities.

Managed Components include engines, administration tools and Clockwork bindings to control common business operations like Role based security, Caching, Notifications and Task Orchestration, as well as domain specific operations like Reconciles and Clearing for the financial industry; or even operations related to regulatory compliance like FATCA and CRS.

For IT Teams



Enterprise application security is a focal point in KEYSTONE.

Citadel is a Role based security framework that enables components and services to authenticate and authorize its users right in the business tier or in any piece of software in need of gatekeeping.

Its Administration API lets you build custom UIs to delegate user creation and granting to business areas where needed.


Coming in
fall 2018

Be amused with the grand spectacle of your own automatons.

Marionette is a platform to create software agents that proactively perform business workflows with a minimum of human intervention.

Its state machine based design lets you orchestrate complex business processes with just a few marionettes performing their job with chronometric precision.


Coming in
fall 2018

The success of any organization is in the people around it.

Visage is an extensible identity framework so you can store and flexibly query a myriad of information particles around people.

With Visage you will timely know personal, physic and demographic data; or you can even extend those built-in structures with data profiles relevant to your application domain.


Coming in
mid 2018

Stay in touch, always.

Hermes is a messaging framework that encompasses all notification traffic in a single unified architecture.

Your applications can feed Hermes with notifications delivered to SMS, Email, Push notifications, In-App notification centers, and many more. You can even create your own delivery providers.


Coming in
fall 2018

Echoing data that endures time.

Doppler is a distributed caching engine that enables your application to retain over time hard-to-recreate datasets.

Its architecture ensures high availability so you can rely your datasets are always there when needed.

For Regulation compliance



Fully compliant with FATCA and CRS.

Maxwell is an engine that enables your organization to be fully compliant with FATCA and CRS in just a few minutes.

Its transmission connector lets you plug any transfer process required for your local authorities to exchange information with them.

For the Financial markets


Coming in
mid 2018

Virtually every automation can be modeled as a series of aggregations, transformations and dispersions.

Strada is a count based framework that simplifies the creation of applications whose purpose orbits around accounting.

Its powerful accounting engine can scale up to a multiinstance so the most demanding aggregations and dispersions become possible.


Coming in
fall 2018

The heart of a clearing organization is here.

Sculptor is an engine that completely automates the operations involved in the clearing of any financial transaction.

Its extensible design and comprehensive API makes Sculptor flexible enough to be customized and extended according to your organization needs.


Coming in
fall 2018

Integration assurance made easy.

Rotor is a reconcile engine that is agnostic to the sources of information it uses to confront data.

The reconciled results are delivered in a way that are easy to use with external business rules and decision models.