KEYSTONE is a modern, multi-paradigm, data-centric software development framework whose main goal is to assist developers like you in the building of great business software, quickly and without compromising quality or architectural value.

A unique design paired with obsessive code aesthetics enable KEYSTONE to instill its quality hallmark to the software based on it.

Supported Platforms

Mobile Apps

No doubt mobile is taking over the world, and KEYSTONE is a first class citizen in the mobile revolution.

By using KEYSTONE and Xamarin/Mono, you can craft top-notch Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and any Android based smartphone and tablet.

Meet KEYSTONE Foundation Components

KEYSTONE foundation components are modular and ready to use in solo, yet also work harmoniously and powerfully when used together.


This is not only a substance to preserve rebel pilots!

Carbonite includes DIAMANT, a new lightweight ORM whose object to database mappings can be expressed by convention, configuration or code. Carbonite also conceals other popular ORMs into one programming model so you will never need to deal again with hard-to-maintain heterogeneous data layers implementation models.


When executing your software on testing and production environments, many things can come up to produce unpleasant issues and headaches.

Almanac is a flexible logging mechanism that routes log entries by type to different destinations like email, text and XML files. Almanac is also very efficient in keeping a record of your user actions relevant for auditable purposes.


KEYSTONE philosophy favors the creation of loosely coupled components and services.

Quantum is a configuration provider that feeds each of our components with its own variables, kept on its own configuration media. This way you can be sure the configurations will always follow its owner component no matter they were developed for desktop and is reused in web, mobile, desktop or console.


Your software lives a long life when you decouple immutable components and services from others that implements ever changing business needs.

Mystere is a lightweight dependency injector that builds and completes your objects behind the scene. Its fast execution is largely down to the fact that it minimizes reflexion operations and favors the use of compilable build and completion rules written in plain old code.


What's more precise and aesthetic than a beautifully crafted Swiss watch.

Clockwork is a complete programming paradigm that lets you model and execute complex business processes via Gears that encapsulate specific business steps. These gears are then assembled together to compose a myriad of business processes called Mechanisms. A Mechanism is by definition a Gear, so you can create new Mechanisms by mixing and matching Mechanisms and Gears in the vast Clockwork library or those you already have in your own library.


Polaris is all about the very sweet world of functional programming.

Many ready to use extensions and lambda friendly behaviors like map-reductions, comparisons, chainers, iterators and more, let you implement complex algorithms in a clear, brief but surprisingly expressive and lightning fast fashion.

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By using KEYSTONE, we've successfully build tenths of high quality cloud-based applications and tackle on time and budget a wide range of business requirements.

Carolina Ramos, TRS Director at PwC

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